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"It is easier to break iron shackles than a wreath of flowers" - Abbe Constane


About us

The Association of Parents of Children with Special Needs Cvitić was founded on October 5, 2007 in Vela Luka with funds from the Municipality of Vela Luka and a donation from the artist Ella Fleš. Jasna Žuvela was elected president at the time, and today the position of president of the Association is held by Daniela Družić, also the mother of a child with special needs...

The goals of the basic legal program of the association are:


Ensuring better living conditions and useful free time

The purpose of the goal is to provide various social services to children and people with disabilities in order to spend their time usefully and to integrate them into the community through various workshops, gatherings, trips and celebrations, as well as the presentation of results through the media, fairs and humanitarian events.


Deinstitutionalization of children and persons with disabilities

The purpose of the goal is to keep children and people with disabilities within the family for as long as possible so that they can have a quality and fulfilling life.


Providing support by a professional to people with disabilities and their family members

In order to make the user's life easier, an expert in the work of the Association provides support, the Association is also like a second family to many members because all parents face similar problems and find understanding in the Association.


Provision of legal assistance by a professional to residents and family members.

For the purpose of exercising rights. an expert informs users about their rights.


Presentation of the Association's work through the media

In order to sensitize the public, promote the work of the users and connect with the community, exhibitions and fairs are organized where the users present their works that they made in various workshops included in the program.


Developing tolerance and sensitivity in children and people who have not encountered the problems of people with disabilities


Encouraging people from the community to volunteer

Through forms of cooperation with other associations, institutions, natural and legal persons, the Association wants to encourage people to become even more engaged, to join us in our work and to hold joint workshops so that the users are involved.


Strengthening the relationship in the local community between people with disabilities and those who are not

Promotion through the media and encouragement of humanitarian action.


Cooperation of the local community with the Association in the form of humanitarian events and various workshops

Organization of humanitarian concerts, exhibitions and sports events.


Cooperation with related associations and institutions in Croatia in the form of knowledge exchange


For the realization of basic activities, the association carries out the following activities

Our team

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Projects and documents

The work of the Association, since its foundation, depends on available tenders for the implementation of planned activities. As the main item, which is an employee who works on an employment contract, we have achieved this for the fourth time through three-year programs of the Ministry of Labour. The implementation of professional activities in the sense of the engagement of experts on the Contract for the work, is partially realized through the same ministry with co-financing from our partner, the Municipality of Vela Luka.

Do you want to get involved in the work of the Association as a member or volunteer?

Do you want to donate an item or material for workshops and activities?

Do you want to participate in creative workshops?

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